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HGH-HGH is one of the most viable medically necessary and anti-aging substances known to man. HGH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Many people hitting their middle age milestone (between 40 adn 50) feel their bodies are no longer performing like they used to. Even though they exercise, take vitamins, and even eat well, they can feel the effects of normal aging taking place in their bodies. This could be due to a hormone imbalance in your HGH Levels. InstaDocNow is now providing HGH injections and the best thing, it's all telehealth and delivered right to your door. 

SEMAGLUTIDE-Our telemedicine approach gives you access to our proven weight loss program from the convenience of your home. You will have access to the cutting-edge drug, Semaglutide which helps you shed unwanted pounds but unlike other prescription medications - it does so without the use of a stimulant which can result in rebound weight gain once you stop using Semaglutide.

Price includes your doctor's consultation and your medication. We also provide B12 shots if you would like to do both for an additional $35 a month. 

The injections are small insulin needles and are painless to most of our patients. We will send out step-by-step instructions and educational information to you.  


There's a reason why people are using Semaglutide for weight loss. It’s truly revolutionary in weight loss. With this medication compound, you WILL lose the weight. Average weight loss is 5-10 pounds a month. 


A new FDA approved medication for weight loss. It’s a naturally occurring protein that actually suppresses hunger


Diets and weight loss plans fail because of hunger and cravings. This medicine eliminates these, making it possible for anyone to lose weight.